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Concrete Repair & Water Proofing in Adelaide

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Concrete Repair & Water Proofing

The repair of concrete “cancer” or spalling requires a high level of expertise and experience to achieve a successful repair. Spalling is when the steel reinforcement suffers carbonation (corrosion).

Carbonation occurs as concrete ages when carbon dioxide from the atmosphere reacts with the calcium hydroxide of the hardened mix leading to a chemical reaction which results in the formation of calcium carbonate. This process leads to corrosion and expansion of the steel, which causes the concrete around it to crack and spall off.

This can occur in concrete footings and structures and should be address as soon as possible to minimise the remediation required.

Balconies particularly can suffer from movement and waterproofing issues. These issues tend to lead to compound damage if left untreated. Determining the movement causes as well as any waterproofing failure is something that we can assist you with.



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