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The most essential task when repairing structural damage is to identify the cause of the structural failure and resulting damage, as the cause needs to be addressed as well as the damage.

It could be a heave or a settlement. Once this is known it is then possible to work out the most effective form of repair taking into account the type and age of the structure.

Each situation requires individual attention to deal with soil type and profile, footing size and type, and available access. While many repairs are similar, there is no one method for all situations. A number of methods can be used for both internal and external requirements, in some cases a combination of repair methods are required.

If the damage caused is the result of a cracked or ruptured water or drainage system, it may be an Insurance Claim, and the Insurance Company should be notified and a claim lodged before any work is carried out, or as soon as the problem is found, so that a Loss Adjustor can inspect and handle the possible claim.

Having carried out structural repairs to thousands of South Australian properties over the last 30 plus years we have the experience and techniques to repair construction types from 100 year old bluestone footings, weak minimally reinforced concrete or modern reinforced concrete. This allows Structural Restoration Services to achieve an effective and lasting repair.

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Diagram of Underpinning Jacking Procedure